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Knew Line Investigations, Inc.


Knew Line Investigations is not your run of the mill "cookie cutter" surveillance company. 

  • Profile each case
  • Surveil each claimant according to their life style.
  • Nationwide Coverage within the KLI network.
  • Hidden interior video within public
  • Properly licensed private investigators in their own states.
  • covert exterior stationary video
  • Seasoned investigators
  • 92% video success ratio in 2015


Knew Line Investigations' Mission Statement

To utilize every investigative tool in the investigative industry, in order to provide our clients with accurate, detailed, efficient and cost-effective results in a timely manner. We keep our clients best interest in mind every step of the investigation.



Knew Line Investigations, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Gary E Humberson, Jr. after over two decades of being a previous investigative company owner and independent all lines claims adjuster.  Mr. Humberson has owned multiple state investigative companies in the past, as well as a field claims adjusting company. The knowledge he has gained over the past decades has made him a true professional in the insurance arena. He sits on the board of the Friends of 440, a past president (3x) of the Sarasota Bradenton Claims Association and involved with his philanthropy fraternity. Mr. Humberson leads Knew Line Investigations with his knowledge and visions into the future of the insurance and investigative service industries.

Personal attention into each assignment is a standard for Knew Line Investigations, not just on special need cases. Each client is given a supervisor for their account.  Supervisors over see each and every assignment forwarded by clients, taking a personal interest on Knew Lines' behalf.  

Our clients include; Workers' compensation carriers, Self Insured Entities, Government Bodies, Third Party Administrators, PEO's and Auto Insurance carriers.

Knew Line Investigations offers a

100% Happy Customer Guarantee!

Knew Line Investigations is proud to state we are the only insurance defense company offering the following with KLI Medical Sweeps:

  • Hipaa Compliant
  • Licensed Investigators 
  • Guaranteed in 3 days
  • Flat Rate for region
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Performing medical sweeps since 2009!

Knew Line Investigations is the field SIU for several national Insurance carriers. We offer the following national S.I.U. services with great success;

  • Background Checks
  • Locates
  • Recorded Statements (licensed claims adjusters)
  • Arson- Cause and Origin Investigations
  • Social media searches
  • Clinic Surveillances
  • Premium Fraud
  • Errors and omissions
  • Accident Scene